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The Secret to a Perfect Lawn & Snow-Free Driveway in Auburn Bay

Living in the vibrant community of Auburn Bay Calgary, homeowners and property managers cherish their beautiful lawns and the picturesque winter scenes. Yet, the seasonal maintenance can be a struggle. You want to preserve that postcard-perfect view without the backbreaking work—especially when life gets busy or you’re planning to be away.

Your Lawn and Snow Woes Solved

Imagine a winter morning. A fresh blanket of snow has fallen overnight. It’s beautiful, but there’s a downside: the daunting task of clearing your driveway. In spring and summer, the focus shifts to keeping your lawn lush and green. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a reliable service that ensures your property looks its best all year round?


Both lawn care and snow removal are time-consuming tasks that demand regular attention. Neglecting either can quickly lead to a less-than-ideal appearance and even property damage.


Many residents travel during winter or have hectic schedules that make regular lawn and snow maintenance a challenge.


Without proper care, your lawn can suffer from overgrowth or disease, and snow buildup can create hazardous conditions and potential fines from the city.


Somerset Lawn and Snow is the answer. With our expertise, you won’t ever have to worry about an unkempt lawn or the risks of icy walkways again.

Say Goodbye to Snow Shoveling Stress

With Somerset Lawn and Snow, your Auburn Bay Calgary snow shoveling service covers all bases. We monitor weather forecasts and dispatch our crews to ensure your property is cleared without you having to lift a finger.

Making Lawn Care & Snow Removal Easy for You

Our team believes in a stress-free approach for our clients. From regular lawn mowing to fertilization and aeration, we keep your grass healthy. When winter hits, we switch gears, offering snow removal that includes salting and sanding to keep surfaces safe.


It’s simple. Sign up for one of our comprehensive maintenance packages, and we’ll take care of the rest.


A gorgeous, well-kept lawn and a snow-free property all year round, without any effort from you. More time for what truly matters—family, friends, and enjoying life in Auburn Bay.

Year-Round Maintenance: A Smart Choice

Choosing Somerset Lawn and Snow means you’re opting for peace of mind. Our professional team ensures consistent, high-quality work—no matter the season.

Why Somerset Lawn and Snow Stands Out

Personalized assistance is not a buzzword for us; it’s our commitment. Our packages are tailored to fit your needs, ensuring your lawn and driveway look their absolute best.

The Call to Action for Your Home’s Beauty and Safety

Take the leap and contact Somerset Lawn and Snow today. Experience the joy of a maintenance-free property and the assurance that you’re getting top-notch service in Auburn Bay.

Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space to the fullest, and let us handle the rest. Your lawn and driveway will thank you.

Start your journey to an impeccable property; call Somerset Lawn and Snow now!

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